3C Staff & Leadership

The staff and leadership here at 3C is comprised of men and women who love, care and pray for every single person in the church. If you have questions for any of our staff, feel free to reach out and email them or call our church office to speak with them.

Mike Tolle


Mike is best known for instigating joy. He loves friends, pranks, laughter and great stories. You will often see him huddled up with a few folks with his head thrown back in laughter. His love for stories is often found in reading a good book, telling a great joke or watching a meaningful movie. He even has a list of Top 25 movies of all time and if you don’t want to get caught in a 30 minute conversation about it, don't bring it up.  Mike has 20+ years of experience in ministry. His early work experience was in the secular market place and his extensive ministry experience has been in various positions in both mega-churches and small churches.  Mike’s favorite person is his wife Toni (a Bethel native) and tied for runner up are his adult children: sons, Anthony & Luke and daughter, Jill. Mike’s favorite compliment is when someone says “he’s real and authentic” or “not like any pastor they’ve met before”. Mike’s big, tough, (some may say ugly) exterior is a cover for his big heart. His deepest passion is helping everyday people move from unbelief to belief in Jesus, with every area of life.

Brian White


Brian grew up in this community and has had the unique opportunity to come back to his hometown to be a part of the church that helped shape him. In his role as the Connections pastor here at 3C, you will find him working with our worship team as well as other volunteers to make the weekend experience a place that others want to connect with.  As the connections pastor, his desire is to see people begin to take the next step in their journey by serving and being a part of the weekend experience. He also wants to challenge people to serve where God has placed them: where they live, work and play.  Brian loves to be on mission whether it is local or in Haiti, where he has helped plant a church in Belle Anse (Haiti). Brian and his lovely wife, Deanna, have served for over 28 years in full time ministry and he will tell you that he could never do ministry without her by his side.  They are new empty nesters with two kids, Tyler (25) and Jade (22).   In their spare time you will see Brian and Deanna cruising around on their E-bikes for a little exercise or finding a good sushi place to eat.  One of Brian's favorite bible verses has always been Matthew 5:16 “Let your light shine before men so that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

Beth Johnson


The spotlight is not something you’ll find Beth running after. She’d rather work behind the scenes and her work at 3C involves far more than people may realize. She has a huge heart for God’s Kingdom, God’s Children and 3C. Beth is soft-spoken but don’t let that fool you, she has a quiet strength that should not be underestimated. Beth has grown at 3C, served at 3C and has called 3C her church family for years. Beth and her husband Josh (he’s the rockstar leading us in worship on most Sundays) lead a blended family of 6 and you’ll see the youngest four hanging around 3C a lot (Duncan, Whitley, Paisley, & Tucker). In 2023, her faithful service and passion for kids landed her the gig leading our Children’s Ministry. Beth also took on additional roles overseeing the majority of our staff’s administrative duties. Like we said...don’t mess with Beth, she’s stealthy and tough but lucky for you…sweet.

Minnie Haworth


 Need a pick me up? Look no further because Minnie is an uninhibited source of joy. Since 2000, Her work as 3C’s custodian has almost always been accompanied with a smile. 3C has been Minnie's church home for decades, and in that time she has used her fun loving talents to invest deeply into our church and especially our Children’s Ministry. Speaking of kids, Minnie has two daughters, Sarah and Vicki, as well as three granddaughters, Alec, Ash and Lily. When Minnie is not hanging with the family or keeping 3C’s facilities spic and span, you’ll usually see Minnie serving our Kids, jamming to worship music, doing crafts, and has been known to dress up in character (a hot dog around homecoming is one of her most famous roles). We’re so glad her joy-filled life and her contagious smile is a part of our community, representing Jesus and His good news.

Kathy Menard


Kathy Menard is a Bethel native and lifelong member of Community Christian Church and has been serving as the Treasurer since 2010. She graduated from Cincinnati State College and the University of Cincinnati with degrees in accounting and business administration.

She is married to Mike and they are the 4th generation to live on her family farmland. They have three adult children: Mandy, Jeremy and Hannah who have blessed them with 7 grandchildren.

She recently retired from her full-time job as an accountant and enjoys spending her new found freedom with friends and family (especially her grandkids) and walking the farm.

Bekah Lawson


Bekah is known for not seeking much attention. She is quiet until you get to know her and has a loving, dry sense of humor. Growing up as a PK (pastor's kid) she traveled a lot the first few years of her life living in North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, and Georgia before making it back to Ohio where she has lived for 20+ years now.

Bekah and her husband, Josh, are high school sweethearts who met in Batavia High School. They are blessed with two fun spirited children, Rosie (5) and JJ (4). Bekah is a musician on the weekends in addition to being our director of communications. She is an enneagram four who loves to say her feelings have feelings and she has a slight obsession with all things Disney. She's happy that she's able to pursue her passions as her career path and absolutely loves the staff and family she has found at 3C.

Justin Pendergrass


Justin grew up in Bethel, Ohio and went to Bethel High School. He is a Firefighter and EMT in Washington township, and loves to try to help people as much as he can. He loves the outdoors, is an avid animal lover, and wishes he could have them all. He is married to his beautiful wife, Erika, for just over a year and they have an adorable (almost) 1 year old son, Camden.

Justin grew up in church with two uncles who are pastors. He has always had a passion for ministry of all kinds, especially teaching. He is an enneagram 2 and his favorite Bible verse is Philippians 4:6-7.

3C's Elders

Our Elders are a team of men who essentially are 3C’s spiritual leader board of directors. They are volunteer lay members selected to oversee the mission, vision and direction of 3C with a focus on prayer and pastoring. They partner with Mike and the staff to conduct the ministry and strategy of 3C. They also oversee the organizational side of the church including finances and facilities, as well as partnering and delegating as much as they can. While these guys are often behind the scenes their most important focus is on maintaining the spiritual health of our church.

Bernie Nuhn (chairman )


John Fultz

Steve Miller