Our Mission & Values:

Here to be Good News where we live, work and play.

“Mission & Values” are just another way of saying who we are and what we’re all about. Obviously a few paragraphs aren’t able to completely describe the depth of who we are and what we’re all about. So if you have any questions about what we say below, we’d love to chat about it with you.


Our mission at 3C is to be GOOD NEWS where we live, work & play.

While we’re far from perfect, we’re doing our best to live out our God given identity and purpose through the rhythms of “gathering” and “scattering”. 

We “gather” together on Sundays (9:30 & 11am), as well as many other times in smaller groups, throughout the week. All those gatherings are meant to encourage and remind us of our true identity and purpose in life. You are more than welcome to join us for any of those gatherings and it’s our hope that you’ll look back on your experience with us as Good News. 

At 3C however, we feel the majority of what we’re put on this earth to do, does not occur inside a building, people call “church”. Our purpose is meant to occur in our everyday life. Which is why we “scatter” throughout the week, as individual and as groups, To Be GOOD NEWS where we live, work and play. 


External Focus…because loving our neighbors is the best expression of our love for God. 

At 3C we’re not here to be good church attenders. We’re not here to carry on spiritual traditions, or jump through religious hoops or obey a set of rules, but we’re especially not here to improve our behavior only so that we can get into heaven. We are here to share hope and to be a reminder to our friends and acquaintances that there is Good News. In a world that’s constantly being bombarded by bad news, our mission is to be GOOD NEWS where we live, work and play. To give those in our network a glimpse of hope. Not hope in some thing but someone (spoiler alert…that someone is Jesus). Our hope is that a little taste of this Good News will inspire you to search for more. More is found in Jesus. 

Pivotal Relationships…because authentic friendships are foundation of spiritual growth. 

When you think of the most important moments in your life, every single one of them have been shaped by people. For some of us, those were extremely beneficial experiences. However, many others bare painful wounds and scars from those times. At 3C we want to be a place that recognizes how powerful the right people are and how they can inspire us to be the healthiest version of ourselves. We are striving to nurture friendships that inspire and influence each other to trust the ways of Jesus. 

Disciple-Making Culture…because Jesus commands every follower to accomplish this goal: Make Disciples. 

Many people are convinced that being a Christian is all about getting rid of sin or about behaving better. Or even about getting our act together and cleaning ourselves up. The truth is Jesus didn’t come to make bad people good, He came to make dead people alive. I don’t just mean survive, Jesus is calling us to thrive. Jesus calls us to a fulfilling meaning and purpose. Jesus’ loving sacrifice liberates us from the guilt and shame of sin. Jesus’ words, works and ways show us how to cultivate an abundant life. Embracing these truths with our own lifestyle as well as encouraging and equipping others to do the same is what we call discipleship. At 3C we don’t get fulfillment from participating in religious activities. Our purpose is deeper than that. It is rooted in the adventure of making disciples of Jesus.