Why join a C-group?

We’re very big on making sure God and our everyday life collide. We believe an authentic faith requires authentic friendships. While we gather on Sundays in large groups we think gathering in smaller groups makes authentic friendships more realistic. Therefore, an authentic faith becomes more accessible. 

We try to foster that by organizing smaller groups of 3C friends and family to meet regularly throughout the week. We call those C-Groups (or Community Groups). They can vary from meeting in someone's home, or even here at the church if that works best for the needs of your group.

C-Groups are the bacon to a BLT. You can't have a true church family without them! Or if you like the sandwich analogy, without the bacon, it's not a BLT. It's a lettuce and tomato, which is a salad sandwich, which is a different kind of thing completely... But we digress! C-Groups are where it's at! Don't have one? GET ONE! But if that isn't enough for you, you can contact our staff for any further questions!